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November 15, 2017 06:04 PM

Students Learn About Their Native American History

Rapid City, SD

Students in Rapid City are getting back to their roots as part of Native American Heritage Month.

While students are working on what may just look like an art project, it's much more than that. They're also learning about Native American history.

"This is a fun part of the year for us. I like to do it because it gives them knowledge, it gives them background," Jonni Hertel, 3rd grade teacher said.

Students are working on creating a Winter Count, or a picture calendar that tells a story.

"They should be able to tell the story of their life on this buffalo hide that we have created just through pictures, and that's how it will be told," Hertel said.

"I drew when I was a baby all the way to when I'm older," Cayse Bull Head, 3rd grade said.

Another project students have been working on is their family trees, to learn about their family history and where they come from.

"I'm still learning what tribe I'm from, I know I'm Native American, but not what tribe I'm from," Jacob Tillman, 3rd grade said.

While 8-year-old Jacob Tillman is still learning about some of his past, what he did find out surprised him.

"I learned that one of my great great grandpas fought in World War II and I never knew that until the family tree because the family tree helped me to understand it," Tillman said.

Leaving students with a better understanding of where they come from.

"Native Americans are very proud beings and I want them to know who they are," Hertel said.

Students are also learning about Lakota values this week, and writing biographies on Lakota warriors and Lakota chiefs.

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