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June 26, 2017 05:26 PM

Students Fill Up Kids Inc. Summer Academics

Some elementary students on summer break in Sioux Falls are still developing a love for learning thanks to a Kids Inc. summer program. From classes in math and science to field trips each week, the kids are having fun and being educated at the same time. 

This may look like a typical Monday at Susan B. Anthony during the school year, but these students are taking part in Kids Inc. Summer Academics. 

"They love coming back. They get excited to come. They get excited to see what the field trips are. Even to see returning staff members. Those relationships that they've built up with staff," Carter said. 

Site Coordinator Ashley Carter has been with Kids Inc. for 14 years. She says students practice science, math, reading and arts and crafts. It's better than what some would be doing at home. 

"Video games, computer games, sleeping in, this just keeps them engaged. It keeps them active," Carter said. 

Soon-to-be fifth grader Scarlett Peterson likes staying busy. The Robert Frost Challenge Center student is one of 135 students at Susan B. Anthony this summer. 

"It's a lot easier for learning-wise because we still learn stuff. I don't necessarily go mind blank when I first go to school but this makes it a lot easier," Peterson said. 

There's a weekly field trip plus kids get to swim at local pools 2-3 times each week. Some afternoons are also spent in organized clubs featuring soccer, football or scavenger hunts. 

"Today there's cheerleading and there's wacky sports and health and stuff and film. You get to pick one of those and you get to learn about all that stuff. It's just fun," Peterson said. 

Keeping kids active and hopefully avoiding a summer slide. 

Enrollment in Summer Academics costs families $250 per two-week session at Susan B. Anthony, Oscar Howe, Rosa Parks, and R.F. Pettigrew. This summer, all spots are currently filled. 

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