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November 20, 2017 06:09 PM

Students Decorate Emergency Room Windows

Rapid City, SD

Taking a trip to the emergency room can be stressful. Now Rapid City students are taking the time to brighten Regional Health's ER by painting the windows for a good cause. 

When arriving at Regional Health, one of the first things you may notice is the construction zone. The work has even led to windows being boarded up.

"When they boarded up our windows, we used to have a great view.  Now our whole lobby and our entry way into the emergency department has black windows so it's rather gloomy and dark," Jennifer Murray, Director of Emergency Department, said.

Now the department is holding a contest for students to give the windows some holiday spirit. Six different schools will come in throughout the next two weeks.

Student Council members from General Beadle Elementary are the first group to pick up the markers.

"We're doing a Santa Claus holding a naughty and nice list, and a Christmas tree on the side," student Aunika Steele said.

The goal is to make this area more inviting to guests.

"When somebody is scared of something when somebody goes in, the person waiting can feel calmed down by looking at the cheery pictures," Steele said.

Not only will these paintings brighten the room for patients and family members, but the winning group gets $500 to give to a charity of their choice.

"If we win, we're going to give the money to Make A Wish," Steele said.

Making this place a little more welcoming one picture at a time.

The winners will also receive $500 to buy art supplies for their school. Murray says they hope to continue bringing students in to decorate the windows throughout the whole construction period, which is about 24 months.

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