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July 10, 2017 06:40 PM

Sonia Sotomayor Students Step In Front Of The Green Screen

Students at Sonia Sotomayor Elementary are taking a break from summer to learn about technology and practice a little Spanish. This week, third, fourth and fifth graders are stepping in front of the green screen to see how it works. 

"When the kids see the green screen, they are hooked to it. They just go run and they want to be in the screen," instructor Leonardo Bohórquez said. 

Bohórquez is teaching the technology behind the screen to students for a third straight summer. During the school year, staff uses the screen during morning announcements. 

"It's cool because you can change the picture and you can pretend you're in Hawaii or space," fifth-grader Natalie Nolan said. 

Nolan loves interacting with the technology during the 4-day class. She also likes brushing up on her Spanish after a long weekend at the lake. 

"Went on the boat to breakfast. Came back and we literally jumped off the boat and started swimming," Nolan said. 

Telling that to her classmates is a bonus with this course. While some were rusty at first, Bohórquez says after about 15 minutes each student was back in the groove with their second language. 

"They're learning a skill but they are also practicing their Spanish and keeping their Spanish skills sharp during the summer," Bohórquez said.

"Now I can talk to people in Spanish who have actually practiced and not just my brother," Nolan said. 

And have fun at the same time. 

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