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February 15, 2018 06:03 PM

Small Acts Of Kindness Make Big Difference At Patrick Henry

Sioux Falls

Classmates in Florida described the suspect as a loner, an outcast, someone who didn't fit in. This week at Patrick Henry Middle School, students are making sure no one feels left out. 

Thursdsay, across the country, the flag flies at half-staff. 
Patrick Henry Middle School is no different. 

Except, this week...

"We're doing kindness week," 7th grader Olivia Shroyer said. 

"Today is 'Hurtful words you say can't be taken back day,' so we're all wearing our shirts backwards," Patrick Henry 7th Grade Counselor Margi Orris said. 

At 12-years-old, these kids know the little things add up. 

Students can take a random act of kindness off of the tree. When they complete the act, they write how the good deed made them feel. 

Olivia Shroyer says it's an important reminder now more than ever. 

"The person who shot people...if people weren't kind to him, that made him angry. So I just think it's always the best choice to be kind to people," Shroyer said. 

It's a way to make sure no one feels alone. 

"You don't want people to feel left out, because that makes you sad. And it makes them depressed. Sometimes, that can lead to bad things later in their life," Damian Lanners said. 

That's why they're starting a conversation about kindness. 
One random act at a time. 

 At the end of the week, school counselors will select some students who submitted their random acts of kindness for a prize. 

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