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October 03, 2017 06:08 PM

SDSU Reacts To Identity Evropa Signs On Campus

Brookings, SD

After recent demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, hate groups in the United States have found themselves more and more in the spotlight.
On Monday, posters from the group Identity Evropa were found on the South Dakota State University campus. The Anti-Defamation League calls it a white supremacist group

Senior Steven Marienau wasn't happy when he heard about the posters linked to Identity Evropa being posted on campus.

"It's not welcome," Marienau said. "It shouldn't be welcome. It's not something that's a positive thing to put onto a college campus. Especially in a college which is a place where people are supposed to feel free to find out who they are and express themselves." 

Marieneau didn't actually see the posters, but Nathan Ziegler, director of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Access at SDSU, can describe what was on them.

"They're people dressed in collared shirts and khaki pants, standing together, and it looks like any other organization," Ziegler said.

The posters were removed not because of any message they included but because whoever posted them on campus didn't follow campus rules for posting them. Ziegler says the posters appeared in the student union, the library, and outside classrooms.

"It's just, I can't, it's hard to believe that something like that would end up on a college campus," Marienau said.

Ziegler isn't surprised by the posters.

"The group is going around different college campuses, posting these fliers," Ziegler said.  "So, really, our stance at SDSU is to be an inclusive and safe place for our students, community members." 

As offensive as some may find their presence, Ziegler says the posters can actually cause some good things to happen at SDSU.

"I think it gives us an opportunity to create a dialogue around some of the views that the group might have,"  Ziegler said.

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