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May 18, 2017 06:07 PM

Roosevelt Students Raise $5,700 For Hunter Tillman

Two weeks ago we first told you how Roosevelt High School was holding events to raise money for a student recovering from a heart transplant. 

For weeks, Roosevelt students have been opening their hearts and wallets for fellow classmate Hunter Tillman. Today, they counted up all their efforts and handed a hefty check to Hunter's mom Melissa. 

"I don't know if I have the words. It's very emotional what a community can come together for one kid. It's his first year in this school. All these people came together for him and it was awesome," Melissa Tillman said. 

After several fundraisers, from an ice cream sale to a benefit at the school store, junior Brianna Zimmer says the school raised more than $5,700 for the Tillman family. 

"To see that huge number, that was amazing. And to see her just feel so overwhelmed, it's nice to know that we can have an impact," Zimmer said. 

Hunter and his mom Melissa have been living in Rochester since the heart transplant on April 1st. These funds will have a massive impact. 

"Hunter, he's a great kid and everyone wants to support him here at RHS," Zimmer said. 

He's due back in Sioux Falls at the end of June. In the meantime, Hunter's mom says he continues to make great progress. 

"You know he feels great. He's no longer blue. He's been blue all his life. He's got color and he's got energy. It's been great," Melissa said.

Hunter's brother Tyler is also a freshman at Roosevelt. Their mom is back in town to celebrate Tyler's birthday. She'll be heading back to Rochester this weekend. 

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