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September 11, 2017 05:26 PM

Rapid City Schools Remember 9/11 And Thank First Responders

Rapid City, SD

16 years ago on Monday, nearly 3,000 people lost their lives in 9/11 attacks.  Schools in Rapid City are taking the time to remember the tragic day, as well as thank first responders for their service. 

1,000 students from Corral Drive Elementary and Southwest Middle School gather in red, white and blue in remembrance of 9/11.

"I feel kind of happy and kind of sad. Happy because we're remembering these people and sad that all these people died," Joshua Mueller, 4th grader at Corral Elementary, said.

Most of these students weren't even alive when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

"9/11 is a very important time for Americans and we feel it's very important to number one, honor those who lost their lives in the events that happened in 9/11," Principal Corral Drive Elementary Kyle Yamada said.

Not only is it a day to remember, but students are also thanking first responders and the military.

"All the police officers and firefighters that helped save lives," Anna Daum, 4th grader at Corral Drive elementary, said.

Rapid City's youngest students aren't the only ones saying thank you. High schoolers dropped off cards and treats at the Public Safety Building.  

"Wanted to thank the police officers in our community because they really do a lot for us and sometimes we don't appreciate that as much as we should so we really want to thank them for everything that they've done," Lexi Valere, sophomore at Rapid City High School, said.

"We really love seeing these kinds of things and seeing you come in and tell us to our faces and to be here and to see that we appreciate it, thank you so much," Kathleen Phillips with the Rapid City Police Department said.

This is the third year students from Corral Elementary and Southwest Middle School have taken part in this school-wide event, while the high school students will continue other service projects throughout the year.

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