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March 20, 2017 06:06 PM

O'Gorman Celebrates Two State Titles In One Night

Winning both the boys' and girls' state basketball championships in the same year is rare. Doing it in the same venue on the same night is even more special.  

O'Gorman fans got to celebrate not one, but two victories this past weekend.

The boys' and girls' teams of O'Gorman High took home the state titles during back-to-back games, something students and faculty won't soon forget.

"You know we've won some titles over the years in different times. So to be able to do it at the same night, in the same venue, in front of all of your fans was just incredible," O'Gorman Activities Director Steve Kueter said.

"It was just like really hyped and everything. All of our students were just like really into it," O'Gorman Senior Morgan Hermanson said. 

"It was crazy. I mean, we had a big student section. I could feel the energy in the air. It was intense," O'Gorman Senior Sam Burnison said.  

The boys' team had the number 1 seed, so a win from them was somewhat expected. The girls were another story after being ranked 7th.

"On the drive up, I could just sense something. I said, 'Mom, I think we're going to go back to back here this weekend'," Burnison said.

"And after we were playing Roosevelt, when we were ahead the entire time, I was just kinda like, 'Okay We got this. We're going to win. We can do this,'" Hermanson said. 

Now with two more state titles to add to the board, students and faculty have a lot to celebrate.

"You know, we are the smallest school in the large division so we fight very hard to compete with these schools and every once in a while we can have some success.  We really enjoy it," Kueter said. 

O'Gorman had 99 state titles before the weekend. Now, the girls' win marks 100 and the boys' claim 101.
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