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July 06, 2017 06:13 PM

New Program Offers Bachelor's Degree Opportunity For Southeast Tech Students

Moving up the ladder at work may have just gotten a little easier for Southeast Tech students.

Officials have announced a new partnership that will help people advance their education and perhaps their place in the workforce.

"It really is a pleasure to be here to really see the dawn of a new day," USD Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Jim Moran said. 

Education leaders in KELOLAND are rolling out a new program that could help more people move up the ranks in the workplace. 

"The Bachelor's of Science in Technical Leadership provides student the opportunity, once they're in a career, to obtain advancement in that career and promotion in different management facilities," Southeast Tech President Bob Griggs said. 

Thanks to the new program, getting that degree from the University of South Dakota will now be a seamless move for Southeast Tech students who have earned their Associate of Applied Science Degree. 

That means students won't have to worry about whether their credits will transfer. 

"What this articulation provides is a direct transfer automatically," Griggs said. 

Good news for students and good news for those eyeing the future of Sioux Falls' workforce. 

"I have a much bigger vision for what this community is going to need in the next 20 years to really remain competitive as the amazing economy that we are. It is all workforce based and I am so thrilled that we have great partners to do this worth with," Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce CEO & President Jason Ball said. 

"It's creating more opportunities and options for the people in our community here," Moran said. 

Moran says students who already have their associate's degree from Southeast Tech can start earning the bachelor's degrees as early as this fall. 

Most of the courses will be offered through the University Center in Sioux Falls, but some courses will be available online too. 

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