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March 17, 2017 06:09 PM

Memorial Student Writes Winning Essay Honoring Teacher

A science teacher at Memorial Middle School got quite the surprise this morning. Taylor Huska is being recognized by a former student and the local Barnes and Noble as part of the My Favorite Teacher contest. 

"I don't know what he's going to say but I hope that he's going to be happy," Nichols said. 

In front of his classmates, seventh grader Gavin Nichols and representatives from Barnes and Noble are surprising his teacher Taylor Huska with a special award. 

"If I were to use three words to describe you, I would use fun, inspiring and very alive every class," Nichols said. 

With his wife and three-month old daughter nearby, Huska is listening to Nichols, a normally shy and quiet kid, read from a winning essay he submitted to the company's My Favorite Teacher contest. 

Holsen: He said it was his first essay. Would you have expected that from him?

Huska: I would have never have expected it from him. No. Never. But that's what is awesome about it. I guess it's the ones you expect the least that go and write something awesome. It's a great essay too. 

The student says Huska's teaching style and use of magic tricks to keep kids interested, make a lasting impression. 

"When it comes to science with him. It makes learning actually fun," Nichols said. 

It's praise Huska is grateful for. He says, like many of his peers, his passion is helping kids and Nichols' essay is providing validation. 

"Kind of puts it into perspective because every once in a while, am I making a difference? Do kids even care that you come every day? Getting this just reassures that we are doing something right and what we do does make a difference," Huska said. 

"You inspired a lot of other kids as well. Those kids said that you were the best teacher in the school, which I would also agree," Nichols said.

Kind words for his favorite teacher. 

Huska and Nichols each received a plaque today. Huska will now be entered in a regional contest where he has a chance to win a $500 gift card. 
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