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November 30, 2017 06:05 PM

Elementary Students Raise Money For Puerto Rico

Nearly two months after Hurricane Maria barreled through, about half of Puerto Rico is still in the dark. Families are still waiting for food, supplies, and help to recover from the devastating storm. Even though Puerto Rico is almost 2,500 miles from Susan B. Anthony Elementary School in Sioux Falls, students there have close ties to the area. That is why they worked together to help the island during this difficult time. 

We can all agree on this: When you least expect it, children will say something that'll make you laugh. 

Mindy Walters: "Like I said, it's a super old book. It came out when I was in elementary school, and that was a long time ago."
Student: "Well, you're not that old."

During a discussion about books, you'll also learn they speak the truth. 

"Even though, like, I'm just one person in the world, I can help get a lot of other people to help other people in the world," Charlotte Hultgren, fifth grader, said. 

That's what motivated 10-year-old Charlotte and other members of the Susan B. Anthony Student Council to help people in Puerto Rico. 

"So, we raised a lot of money!" Melanie Marsh, fourth grader, said. 

They raised $1,335 and presented the check to the Red Cross.

"Kind of made me sad because, what if I was someone there and I had to lose my house or some family members?" Melanie said.

Walters, their student council adviser and a teacher, says one of the student council members still has family on the island. Seeing the storm directly impact one of their friends motivated these young leaders to do something. 

"If they're sitting in our classroom, they are our peers and you know we support each other. We support our peers and our friends," Walters said. 

In a time when many Americans are divided, and feel like they don't agree on anything; here's a lesson we can learn from this classroom. Pay attention to your children, because when you least expect it, they'll do something amazing that will make all of us think.

"We all share the same world and we want to be able to know we can help no matter what," Charlotte said. 

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