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September 04, 2017 05:12 PM

Labor Day Is Another Day At Work For Local Farmers

Parker, SD

Not everyone celebrates Labor Day with a day off. Farmers across KELOLAND are out working today, just like any other day. 
There's work to be done and taking Labor Day off is out of the question for Jene Even.  
"The next couple weeks, we'll really start to get busy," Even said. 

He's starting his busy season, which means a month of 12 to 14-hour days out in the field. 

"Chopping corn silage, we usually chop with our two corn choppers...we usually chop for a month," Even said. "In dry years, a guy almost gets too busy because everybody wants to chop."

Even doesn't mind long hours and neither does Andrew Leber. He also doesn't mind running on little sleep.

"When I was in college last fall, I would get about 4 hours of sleep at night and then have to go back, back to school, and then go to class at seven in the morning," Leber said. "You get used to it, your body gets used to it."

Leber says it's just what he does: Back and forth, no matter what holiday the calendar says. 

"People with livestock and stuff, they usually have to get chores done and stuff, they don't really worry about what day it is," Even said.

Labor Day looks a little different out here. Even says he doesn't mind being out chopping all day. He works with his brother and has been cutting silage for more than three decades. 

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