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November 02, 2017 05:19 PM

Farmers Say Dicamba Damaged Soybean Crops

More than a hundred South Dakota farmers have filed paperwork, claiming a controversial herbicide damaged their soybean crops.  

Farmers who plant genetically modified soybeans are using a herbicide known as Dicamba to get rid of weeds.  The herbicide spreads to neighboring crops that are not genetically modified and causes significant damage.

Across the country, state extension scientists estimate it's impacted 3.6 million acres nationwide, including a quarter million acres in South Dakota. 
There is a form you can fill out online to report problems.  You do not need to include your name.  Read more about the concerns in a recent report from the University of Missouri. 

In response to all of the reports, the federal government is requiring companies change labels and the classification of some pesticides. 

Some states are also considering putting more restrictions in place for the 2018 growing season. 

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