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November 15, 2017 10:02 PM

Neighbors Come Together To Help Family With Harvest

Aurora County, SD

Drive through KELOLAND and you'll still see some corn standing in the fields. 

That was the case in a field near Stickney on Wednesday, until a group of community members stepped in. Duane Wolbrink was behind the wheel of one of the combines. 

"This field, I guess, what I've done so far is 95 bushels an acre," Duane Wolbrink said. 

A farmer himself, it's familiar work to him, but he wasn't harvesting his crop. 

Instead, local farmer Dan Schumacher is the man who worked this land for many years. He passed away in October. 

"He was very sick from the first of August," Florence Hughes, Dan Schumacher's mom, said. 

Hughes came to see all the machines and helping hands in action Wednesday. 

"I can't give them enough thanks. I just can't give them enough thanks," Hughes said. 

With many area residents on hand, the crew harvested about 280 acres of corn. 

If the tables were turned, Wolbrink knows Dan would have climbed behind the wheel of one of the combines. 

"If somebody needed help, he'd be the first one there to help out," Wolbrink said. 

Volk: What do you think your son would be saying right now if he saw this?
Hughes: He's smiling down from heaven looking on us saying, "Thank you, thank you for helping."

Of course, this big group effort isn't surprising if you ask Wolbrink. When there's a need, you can bet there's help down the road. 

"Everyone's ready to lend a hand," Wolbrink said. 

Neighbors say that Schumacher, who was 56 when he passed away, was well known around town for his sweet corn that he would share with others. 

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